Sunday, December 7, 2014


As the year draws nearer to a close and just before the Christmas craziness i also get to celebrate my birthday! Being a week before Christmas i dont usually celebrate in a big big way but a few champagnes and groans about my innability to get up off the couch quickly anymore or handle a night with too many Gin & Tonics is usually reflected on.

I was lucky enough to have my love take a few birthday photos for me on Saturday, i am so grateful he thinks me dressing up in a ball dress and blowing confetti all over the street is just as fun as i do!

I have already started thinking about my 27th year, how much i have grown and learned both in life and in love. I feel as if i have so much to see and many goals to tick off my "list" its such an exciting thing to feel as if there are endless possibilities and adventures just around the corner.

A few years ago i donated my birthday to Charity Water, an organisation i truly feel very connected to, after amazing support from my friends and family we contributed to the planning and development of a well in Ethiopia. This year i have decided to do the same again, if you feel so inclined you can read all about Charity Water and the amazing work they do or even make a small donation too!

Happy Monday! Xx

(Wearing: 1950's ball dress, vintage shoes, 1960's brooch)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Rolled and Ready...

I thought i would do a small post today about one of my favourite hairstyles this week, i knew i was going to be heading out on a boat all day for my work christmas party so i made sure it was up and solidly hairsprayed, just so you know it was even still in place enough to teach a lindy class afterwards so..huzzah!!

Just a slight description would be a vintage fringe roll and Lucy rolls, its such an easy style i think i even may have to do a video tutorial for you all! I also wanted to show off my amazing magazines my love came home from Melbourne with, they are so hilarious to read i just love vintage articles!!

I hope you all have amazing plans for this weekend, i have lots of dinners and dancing and im sure lots of gin to be drinking too!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pastel Dreams...

At times I seem to be a little predictable when it comes to my colour selections, it is usually…always..pastels! Aside from being blonde I find stronger colours are less complimentary with my pasty pasty skin and plus I am just naturally drawn to a delicious mint tone or a dusty pink hue, it just sends my “oooh” radar through the roof!

I found this incredible 1950’s dress at Bluebird vintage the colour is incredible but it also has a subtle sparkle within the cream dots that adds a little bit of extra charm.

I wore it to a swing dancing ball around the middle of this year, it survived a full night of sweaty dancing so it is definitely still in great condition no loose stitching to be seen. Although it does fall into the “Occasionally” worn section of my wardrobe its so nice to know its there waiting for another special day/night.

I had the most incredible weekend, lots of eating and park dwelling with my love as well as a few too many G&T’s.

I hope you all had a swell weekend too and your week has started off well! Xx

Photography: By my love

(Wearing: vintage 1950’s dress, op shopped shoes, vintage purse, 1950’s clip on earrings)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Floral Swirls...

At times this week i could have sworn Summer had been long forgotten about, aside from a few moments of sun and warmth we have been having the most incredible thunderstorms it almost feels like a tropical island, steam rising from the ground as the cold rain splatters the dreary looking plants! The smell of rain always makes me think of when i was young, growing up on a farm in the hills..when it would rain my sister and i would run outside to our verandah and listen to it hitting the tin roof and watch it pour down our long winding driveway, it would always move the rocks apart so driving back down it the next day was always an (seriously bumpy) adventure).

This is today's outfit one of my favourite op shop finds, a handmade 1950's dress with the most incredible collar. I was also having a pretty good hair day too (at times it just drives me nuts) so much swirly goodness!!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned, my love is finally home so im sure our few days off will involve christmas tree decorating and a few adventures!

(Wearing: Vintage 1950's dress)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Where The Air Is Sweet...

Yesterday i had the whole day to myself and started it by drinking strong coffee, eating chocolate pastries and reading 60's magazines in was slightly drizzling with rain outside so it made staying in bed a little longer all the more enticing!

When the rain cleared a little i decided to take a drive to the "zig zag" in Kalamunda, a place i used to visit a lot when i lived further south of the river, even though we are heading into the dry heat of Summer there was still a beautiful sprawl of green and the air just seems so much sweeter up there, hardly another soul around, the sound of distant birds chirping and roosters crowing from the farms below, while i was there i couldnt resist taking a few photos.

I was gifted this incredible 1950's print dress by my partner's mum and i adore it so, especially since i dont see many brightly patterned 50's dresses like this very often, it makes me feel like this piece is all the more special! It is layered underneath with its own petticoat so it makes standing up on a windy hill a little more fun!

I hope your all having an amazing Monday so far, i am already needing a third cup of coffee!!

(Wearing: Gifted 1950's dress & 1950's Sunglasses)